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Fight with the Night Banner

Welcome to the official website for the Fight with the Night series organised by Edinburgh University Orienteering Club!

"Fight with the Night" is a series of fun informal night orienteering events all based in the Edinburgh area. Boasting a wide variety of terrain all within 25 mins travel of Edinburgh city centre you'll be hard pressed to find a better Night league.

Entry to all events in 2015/6 is £2 with starts between 19:00 and 19:45. See below for further details about what's going on.

The next event in the series this year is on Thursday 26 November, on Arthur's Seat.

Location: The event will be mainly on the 1:5000 Whinny Hill section of Arthur's Seat, with the start and finish area at the North end of St. Margaret's Loch. Grid reference NT276739, postcode ~EH8 8JB. See Google maps for the exact location.
Parking should be available in the car park, or in the streets nearby if it's full. It's very easy to jog to from the Central Area too.
Date/Time: Thursday 26 November 2015. Starts from 19:00-19:45, courses close at 20:30.
Entries: £2 per map. Enter on the night. Remember to bring your dibbers (and remember to download!). If you don't have one, there will be spares available at the start.
Courses: There will be a long course (~5km) and a short course (~3km) available. You must report to the finish before courses close, even if you don't finish your course.
Arthur's Seat is a proper area, so make sure you wear shoes with suitable grip for off-road. As always, please be courteous to any members of the public you come across and don't fall off any cliffs. If the weather's bad, make sure you're suitably dressed and equipped for it, it can be exposed up ontop!

Last Updated on Monday, 23 November 2015 02:38

FwtN Results

While we wait for the results from Blackford to go up on o-results, I'll put them up here for you to see.


1 Andrew Lindsay EUOC 00:33:33
2 Hector Haines INT 00:35:56
3 Calum McLeod EUOC 00:37:54
4 Mark Purkis EUOC 00:40:48
5 Alex McVey IND 00:42:51
6 Claire Ward ESOC 00:44:09
7 Jonathan Ellis ESOC 00:46:52
8 Sarah Jones EUOC 00:47:35
9 Isla Simmons EUOC 00:47:52
10 Richard Purkis EUOC 00:49:23
11 Rona Lindsay EUOC 00:50:54
12 Clement Claret EUOC 00:57:15
13 Mark Rowe ESOC 00:58:03
14 Kenneth Daly INT 01:01:08
15 Patrick Bartlett INT 01:02:39
16 Kristian Roberts EUOC 01:05:43
17 Crawford Lindsay ESOC 01:07:40
18 Terry Johnstone ESOC 01:10:15
19 Tim Harding ESOC 01:10:47
20 Calvin Crane ESOC 01:31:55

Beth Hanson EUOC dnf


1 Mike Stewart ESOC 00:34:24
2 Julian Hall ELO 00:36:50
3 Paul Caban INT 00:38:31
4 Ann Haley INT 00:38:41
5 Graeme Ackland INT 00:44:08
6 Paul Hammond FVO 00:44:11
7 Jane Ackland INT 00:44:58
8 Rachel Kirkland INT 00:44:59
9 Alistair Armitage ESOC 00:46:38
10 Robin Strain ELO 00:51:40
11 Ian Pyrah ESOC 00:53:16
12 Sally Lindsay ESOC 00:55:07
13 Sheila Strain ELO 00:55:12
14 Eleanor Pyrah ESOC 01:01:50
15 Hanne Robertson ESOC 01:17:27
16 David Robertson ESOC 01:17:34

Ami Patrick, Rachel Whitty and Rose Whitty IND dnf