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BUCS Champions 2006-2013

BUCS Club of the Year 2011

Scottish Universities Sports Club of the Year 2010


Shortlisted for BUCS Club of the Year 2010 and 2011


British Orienteering University Club of the Year 2011

Edinburgh University Sports Club of the Year 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011

Welcome to the home of Edinburgh University Orienteering Club. As one of the University's most successful and active clubs we have plenty to offer anyone who wants to try a sport with a difference.

Orienteering is best described as cross country running around a series of checkpoints which you must navigate to using a map. In competitions, the fastest time wins, so it tests both fitness and the ability to think on your feet. Events have courses suitable for beginners to experienced runners, so whether you are a runner wanting to get off the beaten track, an outdoor enthusiast wanting to explore some of the UK's wildest places or simply someone looking for a fun and motivational way to get fit then this could be the sport for you!

We have regular training sessions (see the training page), and then of course there are our legendary weekends away, the height of both our sporting and social programmes.

If feel you can contribute to the EUOC Alumni page, please contact the AROS secretary, Lucy at AROSsecretary"at"hotmail.co.uk. Thank you!

For lots more information and updates on what the club is up to, check out our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EUOC.Legends/

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